Our Mission

Bring in New Gamers

Don't know what's happening on the screen? Gaming doesn't have to be mind-boggling, or prohibitive to get into; but rather it's easy to get into, and fun to be a part of anytime!

Esports: Noob to Pro

Build up a clear pathway for gamers interested in eSports to go from being a completely new team, to a seasoned pro-am tier team, ready for their chances to break into the big leagues!

Our Core Values

We hope to achieve this through 5 Core Values designed to keep us on track, and true to the community. It is these core principles and beliefs that our team strives to incorporate into their decisions and actions every day.

Community First

Everything we do is geared towards the community. From the casual sometimes-Gamers, to the hardcore and professional Gamers who live and breathe eSports and Gaming. Making sure that every action we make, has the community's interests at heart, is The Most Important Thing™ to us.

Play fair, Play Nice

We aren't anything without our passionate Gamers and supporters. First impressions may be important, but lasting impressions are everything. Respecting our players, and maintaining the highest level of integrity in all interactions with our players, colleagues and business partners is critical to us.

We make sure everyone has a fair turn, and there's no discrimination of any kind, regardless of a Gamer's background. On the digital battlefield, all is fair.

Every Voice Matters

Great ideas can come from anywhere. Everyone on the eLeague.gg team is encouraged to speak up, listen, be respectul of others and their opinions, and embrace criticism as another avenue for great ideas.

It's the feedback, criticism, and support of our Gamers that drive us; and show us where to go in the ever changing Gaming culture, and eSports scene that we are a part of. Everyone's got a passion for Gaming, and everyone can be heard!

Everyone has a Story

Every Gamer is the main character of their own story in their Gaming careers. The tools, products and events we develop are all to enhance the way our Gamers can record their journey through their games, with their friends, and in their eSports careers.

Every Gamer has that proud moment where something awesome happened at an event, or in a game, or when their team achieved something epic. We're here to help Gamers celebrate and find those next awesome moments in their Gaming adventures.

Continuous Improvement

In the ever-changing landscape of Gaming; we're always implementing new, crazy and cool ideas. We don't believe in an upper limit to the quality, and design in everything we do. Every Gamer has their tales of awesome moments in Gaming, and at the end of the day, it's not about how things went to plan, it's about how awesome it was for our players.

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