eLeague.gg Rules & Code of Conduct

Last Updated: January 27th, 2016

eLeague.gg takes the safety of attendees seriously. Below are our rules and expected behaviour of anyone attending the event. Please pay close attention to them — violators can potentially be removed from the event without refund, and nobody wants that to happen! We also reserve the right to modify and update these rules as we see fit, without notice.


  • eLeague.gg events are for people aged 15 and up. Anyone younger than 15 is allowed to attend, but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Due to government legislation, Photo ID is required for all attendees aged 15 and older. We recognise that sometimes a person's gender identity might not match what's on their government-issued ID, and our staff are trained to be aware of this. If you have any concerns, definitely feel free to contact us ahead of time.
  • No illegal substances or alcohol are permitted at eLeague.gg events. Anyone found buying, using, or selling illegal substances at the event will be removed without refund. Alcohol consumption & possession is not permitted at the event, and anyone whose outside alcohol consumption impacts on other attendees will be removed without refund.
  • Don't steal property or mess with things that don't belong to you. If you're caught stealing, tampering with, or damaging property belonging to other attendees, exhibitors, or the venue, onsite security, and potentially police, will be contacted and the violator will be removed without refund.
  • Violence and harassment will not be tolerated — respect personal boundaries. Any act of aggression, physical assault, or threats will be handled with zero tolerance, and the violators removed without refund. Any harassment, whether based on gender identity/expression, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, appearance, disability, religion, etc is not tolerated. Keep in mind that "just joking around" isn't an excuse, and while it might be okay to say certain things around your friends, it's unacceptable to do so in a diverse, public place like eLeague.gg's events. People whose behaviour negatively impacts on the enjoyment of our events for other attendees will be pulled aside about their behaviour and potentially be asked to leave.

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