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Last Updated: January 31st, 2017

Our decision is primarily an opinion-based choice, and it does not mean we won't support PayPal Payments in the future! But we prefer using Stripe Payments as our system of choice, and we think the reasons are sound and in the spirit of being up-front and transparent with you, our members, we've listed these reasons!

  • Backed by an Australian Bank (NAB) Stripe payments manages transactions directly through National Australia Bank (NAB). And for our purposes, it's better for us to use a local banking system, than some American based, multi-national corporation that makes us sign away our rights for money security and dispute resolution.

  • Dispute resolution is handled between our banks and not from a private company. As big or as glorious as the company may be, PayPal was separated from eBay, and will never have the true transaction experience that a traditional bank, such as NAB will have.

  • It supports gift & prepaid cards. This is way more secure than PayPal - you can pop into your local servo, or newsagent and purchase a prepaid Visa/Mastercard based card, and immediately use it with our payments system, 100% guaranteed, protected and safe. Your personal payment details are never subject to potential threats on our end. Your bank, and Stripe handle everything.

  • Stripe is the fastest growing new payments system. AND FOR GOOD REASON - it's newer, more efficient code (and thus easier and more securely implemented); it's direct account-to-account based transactions, meaning it's even more secure than a random private company; Shopify uses it, eBay supports it, HumbleBundle supports it, and the number is only growing.

  • Money moves faster between us. You get paid faster from our banking accounts for prize money, your refunds get processed faster, and everything is by the book, and by the law 100% here in Australia.

  • It supports the Australian economy. Like it or hate it, this is more a choice of patriotism than anything else - we're dealing with a real presence and yeah, Stripe is backed entirely by an Australian Bank so at least some of our transaction fees goes back into our own economy instead of being funneled through an Australian office and back to an overseas HQ (like say... PayPal).

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